The Local Waste story

We now live in a local economy. The shift is tectonic.


Family business

Medium sized business

Multi-national big box

Locally owned & operated

A local economy = a healthy economy

The economic impact of keeping money local is profound

Money is like blood, it needs to keep moving around to keep the local economy going. When money leaves a local economy to go to a multi-national, the local economy suffers because of it.

Keeping your money local

Local Waste embraces a partnership driven business model by investing in locally owned and operated collection companies. Local waste owners live, work and raise their families in the markets their Local Waste company service. Our local waste owners and the people they employee are proudly local.

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Customers now expect a local experience

Human relationships

Nimble front-line service

Modern technology

Unique service offerings

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Old world = standard waste & recycle service

New world = a local approach by Local Waste Services

The Local Waste Founders have a combined 40+ years of involvement in the waste industry, have managed 100’s of millions of dollars in revenue across multiple businesses and most importantly, the Local Waste Founders believe deeply in the positive outcomes associated with active community involvement and engagement. Keeping it local is the format of our new economy.

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